допуск на применение топлива AVGAS 91/96 UL для ROTAX

Gennadij Khazan

"Осилит дорогу идущий"(с)
Привожу письмо президента АОПА Польша к своим европейским коллегам

Dear Friends,
I am sending to you this copy of the latest Rotax Service Instruction, where you can read especially in point 5 about problems of using MOGAS.
Please distribute it to as many pilots and mechanics as possible, before one learns of this in the tragic way.
Please remember that EU regulation requires 5% of ethanol in Mogas, and soon, probably from 2008 it will be 10% !!!
Practically the only safe solution for all Rotax users will be Unleaded Avgas 91/96UL like they are using in Scandinavia for many years.

Happy landings,
Blazej Krupa

в прицепленном файле допуск фирмы РОТАХ